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Speech Therapy

Speech therapists assess and treat swallowing, communication and cognitive deficits that are related to age or the result of illness or injury.

The speech therapists in our Rehabilitation Department offer a variety of services, including treatment of speech and language disorders, fluency (stuttering) disorders, swallowing disorders, and cognitive disorders.

  • Treatment for speech includes teaching people how to say speech sounds to improve how well they are understood in conversation. This service is offered for adults who are recovering from a stroke, adults with degenerative conditions and children who are learning their speech sounds.
  • Treatment for fluency includes helping people who stutter learn strategies to improve fluent speaking in various situations.
  • Treatment of language includes helping people of all ages communicate their thoughts and ideas in complete, grammatically correct sentences and using appropriate vocabulary and delivery style for the situation. This includes assistance in the selection and use of assistive technology.
  • Treatment of swallowing includes introducing different consistencies of food and drink and teaching techniques to minimize the risk of choking. Our speech pathologists offer neuromuscular electrical stimulation, deep pharyngeal neuromuscular stimulation and thermotactile stimulation in treatments.
  • Treatment of cognitive disorders includes helping people to recover from stroke or traumatic brain injury by assisting them with thinking, memory and organizational skills.

Services are provided to inpatients and outpatients. A physician referral is required.