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VVRMC is proud to state that we are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) more specifically in the modalities of Computed Tomography, Mammography, Obstetrics, and General Ultrasound. ACR sets the guidelines for radiation safety and medical imaging protocols.

Our Vascular Sonography and Echocardiography specialties are accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) which requires that all interpreting physicians (medical staff) and practicing technologists/sonographers (technical staff) must be adequately trained and experienced to interpret and perform noninvasive vascular testing respectively.

All our technologists are registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT). The ARRT provides on going testing and certification of technologists and administers continuing education and ethics requirements for the required annual registration and maintenance of credentials. This further proves that at VVRMC we LIVE to deliver healthcare our community can TRUST.


All mammograms are performed on state of the art digital X-ray equipment. Digital mammography provides faster exams and incredibly detailed images. It also ensures that the patient receives lower radiation, while the results display higher sensitivity to abnormalities. This technology helps detect breast cancer at its earliest stages, when it is most successfully treatable.

Starting April 19th, VVRMC will be using state-of-the-art screening equipment which has been designed by women, for women. This new technology is more comfortable, obtains even better images, has less false positives, is more comfortable and accurate for the 40% of women who have dense breasts and offers an exceptional mammography experience. If you have any anxiety around getting a mammogram, this equipment is designed to be both soothing and accurate. There is no reason not to schedule an appointment today.

Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy

Our diagnostic imaging department includes a fluoroscopy suite which is used for real-time imaging for specialized exams. There is also a dedicated emergency radiography suite that uses low-dose technology, which is equipped to perform scoliosis, and long bone studies. Also included in this area of specialty imaging is the DEXA suite which is specialized imaging for assessing bone loss and diagnosing osteoporosis.

Nuclear Medicine

Our diagnostic Nuclear Medicine department has a state of the art camera, the GE DiscoveryNM630. This department performs all cardiac stress imaging, bone studies, bleeding scans, and liver exams. Our Nuclear Medicine technologists are certified by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB), and perform all procedures with the utmost proficiency and professionalism.

Computed Tomography

At VVRMC we are fortunate enough to have two technologically advanced Computed Tomography scanners. Our Light Speed RT16 Xtra is typically used by our in-house Interventional Radiologist Dr. Otazo, who performs CT guided biopsies, fluid drainage, pain management and real-time device placement and verification. Our Revolution EVO 1.0 CT scanner provides our community with drastically low-dose crisp imaging and it is equipped to handle out patient exams as well as emergency cases around the clock.


VVRMC has two GE Logiq E9 general ultrasound units and two dedicated echocardiography units a GE Vivid E9 and the newest member of the family the GE Vivid E95 . Common uses for ultrasound include imaging pregnant women, evaluation of organs, blood vessels and procedures such as needle biopsies and aspirations.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Our MRI Suite hosts the most current MRI equipment that GE has to offer: The SIGNA ARTIST 1.5 T. This equipment combined with a more comfortable experience for patients provides the very best in MRI diagnostics.