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A change in policy will occur effective November 6, 2022. The revised policy will permit 2 visitors to be present for a vaginal delivery in Labor and Delivery patient rooms. The visitors must be the same 2 people for the duration of the hospitalization. Only one of the two visitors will be allowed during overnight hours.

For a cesarean section birth, one visitor is permitted as a support person in the Operating Room. The support person will need to have proof of a negative Covid test within 3 days before the delivery.

The Women's Center welcomes expectant parents and their families. We offer a wealth of nursing experience and education for new moms. The Women's Center offers care for women of all ages. We care for women with normal or problem pregnancies before and after they give birth. We also care for women having surgery or other health issues.

When Labor Begins

We have one triage room and two observation rooms along with five labor/delivery/recovery rooms (LDRs). When a mom-to-be arrives in labor, she will be checked in to one of these rooms. If admitted, she will stay in this room through delivery and will usually be moved to postpartum care in about two hours.

The Nursery

Our priority is babies, babies, babies! We have 16 nursery cribs, and most families like our rooming-in policy. The center averages 75 deliveries a month.

We have a level 1 special care nursery with four beds next to the well-baby nursery. We, along with our pediatricians, provide special care for a newborn if he or she is ill, born prematurely or just needs a little help getting started in this big world.

After Delivery

The postpartum area is adjacent to the LDRs. The new mom will stay there until she is discharged. Families are encouraged to bond with their new family member—and this room is perfect for that. The postpartum area has 10 patient rooms.

BIRTHday Tour

In person BIRTHday tours have been cancelled due to COVID-19. You can take a virtual BIRTHday tour here:

Please feel free to call 830.703.1711 with any questions.