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Image-Guided Therapy/Pain Management

Interventional radiology is a specialty practice that uses image guidance to perform minimally invasive procedures previously limited to open, invasive techniques. The benefits are quicker recovery times and minimal anesthesia, which result in better patient outcomes. Included are procedures such as diabetic shunts, biopsies, stent placement and joint injections.

Julio C. Otazo, MD, MS, ENGR, performs these procedures. He is nationally recognized by being board-certified as an expert in both diagnostic radiology and vascular interventional radiology. Val Verde Regional Medical Center has state-of-the-art equipment in its Special Procedures Department, as well as a specialized CT machine that allows Dr. Otazo to see images in real time, making procedures easier and more effective. Some of these include pain management, drain placement, biopsies, cyst aspiration, catheter evaluation and repair, port insertion and repair, and inferior vena cava filter placement and repair.