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Indigent Care Newsletter and Information

Val Verde Regional Medical Center and Val Verde County Hospital District (the “District”) are proud to announce an improved County Indigent Health Care Program (the “Program”) for eligible residents of Val Verde County. The goal of the Program is to help low-income residents who don’t qualify for other state or federal health care programs have access to health care services.

The Program is administered by the District pursuant to Chapter 61 of the Texas Health & Safety Code (the “Indigent Health Care and Treatment Act”). The Program’s enrollment process can take up to two weeks to complete once all required documentation is received by the District from the applicant. Applicants are not eligible for indigent health care benefits if they are eligible for any other Federal, State, or private benefits such as Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP or commercial health insurance. By law, the District is the payer of last resort and all other resources must be explored prior to Program enrollment.

The Program is available to certain individuals who meet the Program’s eligibility criteria, which includes the patient’s county of residence, household resources, income, and eligibility for other health care programs.

The Program covers certain basic and medically necessary health care services, including:

  • vaccines
  • medical screening services
  • annual physical examinations
  • certain inpatient and outpatient hospital services
  • radiology services
  • skilled nursing facility services
  • up to three prescriptions per month
  • rural health clinic visits

If the patient receives a health care service that is not medically necessary or covered under the Program, the patient will be responsible to pay for such non-covered services.

The Program is subject to annual District budget limits and also a limit per patient. The District welcomes the community to apply to enroll in the County Indigent Health Care Program. You may apply with the County Indigent Clerk, Samantha Daniels at (830) 703-1705.

You can find VVRMC's Indigent Policy by clicking this link: VVRMC Indigent Policy

An application can be found by clicking this link: County Indigent Application