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VVRMC physical therapy "like family"

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Carlos SanchezCarlos Sanchez injured his shoulder at work. When he was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and told he would need surgery, he was a little nervous. "I had never had surgery," he said, "I was concerned about the pain and the physical therapy." Mr. Sanchez' surgery was a success and he started physical therapy at Val Verde Regional Medical Center's Institute for Therapeutic Medicine just a few days later.

"I came in and pre-registered (for physical therapy) before I even had the surgery," he said, "It made everything a lot easier. When I came in there was no paperwork and no hassle." When he started physical therapy he was still experiencing some pain from surgery. "Everyone was very conscious of my pain level. They took me through baby steps in physical therapy and encouraged me every time I reached a goal. Everyone was very comforting."

Mr. Sanchez did very well with his physical therapy. He attributes it to dedication on his part and the support he received from everyone at The Institute for Therapeutic Medicine. "They cared about me as a person," he said, "Asked me how I was doing. They knew my name. They took an interest in me. I felt like I was family. It was very comforting."

Although Mr. Sanchez had to miss his yearly family ski trip and stop some of his sports activities due to the surgery, he is now back on track. "I have full range of motion in this shoulder," he said, "I am back to bowling and getting ready to play softball. I have no pain and no limitations. When I saw my surgeon in San Antonio he told me I was ahead of the curve. I would recommend Val Verde to everyone."