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VVRMC Pharmacy Team Earns High Marks in Pharmacy Performance Assessment

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hospital news

Left to right

Mark Jurges, RPh, Jesse Montalvo, CPhT, Irma Chapa, RPh, Elissa Dominguez, CPhT, David Cano, RPh.

Not pictured: Rebeca Walton, CPht, Luis Sanchez, CPhT, Samantha Estrada, CPhT, Amanda Garcia, CPhT, Sammy Soza, CPhT, Modesta Oduh-Power, RPh, Sabrina Espinoza, CPhT, and Sydney Dingler, CPhT.

Val Verde Regional Medical Center’s Pharmacy delivers EXCELLENCE every day. The Pharmacy Team scored a 93% on their annual Pharmacy Performance Assessment (PPA). The PPA is conducted by Cardinal Health and covers all aspects of Pharmacy operations including: Regulatory, Clinical, IV Admixture, Financial, Antibiotic Stewardship, Controlled Medication Distribution, Automation, Inventory control, and Education. Each area reviewed is essential to patient safety and quality control.

Cardinal Health is a national pharmaceutical and healthcare organization which provides solutions to ensure pharmacies are top performers. They help over 5,000 community pharmacies see exactly how they can improve ratings. As you can see, VVRMC’s ratings speak for themselves. A 93% rating is an admirable achievement.

Thank you to the Pharmacy Team for their commitment to excellence and dedication to all the patients we serve.