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VVRMC Obtains Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment Equipment

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hospital news

Between 100,000 and 180,000 Americans die from pulmonary embolisms every year (Vascular Disease Foundation). This lethal condition begins when a blood clot forms in the body – usually as a deep vein thrombosis. In fact, more people die from preventable blood clots than from breast cancer, AIDS and traffic accidents combined (Venous Disease Coalition). Val Verde Regional Medical Center wants to keep treatable blood clots from becoming pulmonary embolisms. To ensure the safety of people in the area, VVRMC has acquired equipment which can dissolve a deep vein thrombosis before it can detach and become lethal.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a potentially life threatening condition when a blood clot forms in the body. They usually form in the thigh or calf and block the flow of blood causing pain and swelling. The severe danger comes from the clot detaching and travelling to the heart or lungs. DVT can be caused by immobility, excess body weight, smoking, pregnancy, hormone (birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy) and heredity. The symptoms include: pain and swelling, skin in the area that is warm to the touch, swollen and red surface veins, coughing, patchy skin, chest pain, elevated heart beat and dizziness.

The good news is Val Verde Regional Medical Center has new equipment which can speed up the time it takes to dissolve a clot and lower the risk of complications. EKOS Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis is minimally invasive and provides superior clot clearance with less drugs as regular treatments. It also dissolves the clot more completely even if you already have a valve or inferior vena cava filter in place. The blood flow is quickly restored and the majority of patients experience no complications.

EKOS Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis works by inserting a catheter in to the treatment site. The ultrasonic core is then inserted in to the catheter. The acoustic pulse and the lytic drip are activated at the same time taking the clot dissolving drugs right to the clot and using the acoustic pulse to help break up the clot. The treatment matches precisely with the clot.

This DVT treatment provides quality clinical outcomes, predictable results, efficiency, lower risk to patients and a shorter treatment time. Val Verde Regional Medical Center has a vision: to be the premier provider for all healthcare needs. EKOS Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis is one way of getting closer to the fulfilling that vision.

Evelyn Turato, RN, Vanessa Neelis, RT, Ellaine Aguillon, RN and Micki Philbin, EKOS Rep share education about the EKOS Deep Vein Thrombosis treatment equipment.