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VVRMC Emergency Department Recognized as "Guardians on the Ground"

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Hospital news

Methodist Air Care selected VVRMC’s Emergency Department for their“Guardians on the Ground” recognition. Each month MAC has a base meeting and each month they discuss various agencies they interact with and choose an agency that has demonstrated excellence in caring for patients on the ground before calling them to fly them.They talk about who is showing solid levels of care and making good choices for their patients and providing the best care possible before they arrive.

With that in mind, the VVRMC ED received the award for June 2018. MAC
selects one agency a month to recognize the work that agency does in our
communities. Congratulations ED!

Pictured from left to right are: Meljun Pérez RN Flight Nurse, Sofia Hernández RN,
Crystal Heshmaty RN, Mark Morales RN, John Hoover NP, Cynthia Zamarripa Clerk,
Nicola Villa RN, Perry Frost Paramedic, Elizabeth Hernández RN, Noemylina Gloria LVN,
Nolan Camero RN.