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VVRMC Blasts off to the Future with Meditech Expanse

Monday, January 20, 2020

Hospital news

The Val Verde Regional Medical Center Enterprise is launching Meditech Expanse on February 1, 2020. What does this mean to the facilities and more important to you, as a community member?

Meditech Expanse is a new web based Electronic Health Record, (EHR). Expanse will provide you and all our facilities with one health record, one patient portal, one billing system and one data analytics engine which will increase efficiency, measure process progress and improve overall performance which equals better customer satisfaction.

Spanning the health ecosystem, Meditech Expanse uses interoperability to help coordinate care and provide seamless care transitions from your Primary Care Physician to Specialists, Surgeons, Rehabilitation and back again. This is through the “one patient, one record” approach. With the above mentioned Patient Portal, you can always review your records, refill prescriptions, request appointments and view your bills online. These are just a few of the positive changes this new EHR system, Meditech Expanse, offers while improving your patient experience tremendously.

Welcome to the future with Meditech Expanse and VVRMC!