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Val Verde Regional Medical Center's MRI

Monday, March 19, 2018

Hospital news


In their ongoing effort to improve services to the community, Val Verde Regional Medical Center (VVRMC) recently acquired a state-of-the-art, GE Signa Artist Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system. “This system is about a completely different patient experience,” says VVRMC’s Radiology Director, Pina Calderon, “Patients can choose music, a visual experience and even a color pallet which is soothing to them personally. Each MRI has the potential to be completely unique and tailored to the patient. It isn’t just an excellent medical imaging procedure, it is a Care Suite designed to give each patient control over the process. It is something new and very exciting.”

“The new GE Signa MRI provides a substantially improved patient experience. The bore is larger and not as thick which means it can be placed more precisely for excellent images while relieving the feeling of confinement for the patient. The system is faster and accommodates a greater variety of patients,” says Chief Operating Officer for VVRMC, Rhonda Halstead.

The room housing the new MRI machine is also designed to create a soothing, stress free environment for patients being scanned. The lighting is soft with bamboo shoot silhouettes on frosted glass, you can choose the kind of music you find soothing, and the space is large enough to feel airy. Overall, the MRI experience in Del Rio, Texas has taken a huge step forward in technology, patient comfort and quality of imaging.

“Not only is the patient experience with this MRI process far more pleasant; the technical aspects are superior as well,” says Halstead, “the GE Signa Artist MRI is the most advanced of its type.” It provides high contrast images with a wide variety of contrasts and 2D and 3D volumetric data. The system can take images of the brain, spine, vascular system and peripheral nerves. It provides exceptional images of the musculoskeletal system and abdominal and pelvic anatomy. It also uniquely enables oncological assessment of the anatomy. There is also the ability to access morphology, flow, function and tissue viability of the heart along with vascular structure and flow dynamics. But wait, there’s more – the GE Signa Artist MRI can also provide all these services for pediatric patients. The scope of imaging modalities with this MRI system means your physician can order views of any part of the anatomy and its function with results supporting a more precise diagnosis. A more precise diagnosis leads to a more precise plan of successful treatment.

“Val Verde Regional Medical Center has a vision,” says Chief Executive Officer, Xochy Hurtado, “To be the premier provider for all healthcare needs. The acquisition and installation of superior imaging equipment which also focuses on a positive patient experience is another step in achieving this vision.”