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Val Verde Regional Medical Center Welcomes Dr. Elisicia Jiles to the VVRMC Rural Health Clinic

Monday, March 5, 2018

Hospital news

Dr. Jiles is originally from Birmingham, Alabama. She was drawn to helping people when she saw a special on TV about HIV in America. Although she began her college education in Marine Biology, she soon realized medicine was her true passion.

After medical school and a residency, Dr. Jiles served as a U.S. Air Force physician and medical director in Alabama. “When I was getting ready to go to the private sector, everyone told me it would be different. I wouldn’t be spending as much time with patients. But, I will continue to spend time explaining everything I do to my patients and making sure they are educated about their health. I believe if they are educated, they are more likely to follow medical instructions and make healthy choices.”

Dr. Jiles is excited to be in Del Rio. She and her daughter love Tex-Mex food and have been sampling the area’s restaurants. She and her family enjoy fishing, have been to the duck pond to feed the ducks and look forward to visiting Lake Amistad. “We found a church that is a lot like the church we went to in Alabama,” she said, “Annelise (her daughter) loves it. It feels like home.”

Dr. Jiles firmly believes in staying humble so as not to become jaded. Recent graduates from medical school have the right attitude but can become disheartened over time. She believes this will not happen to her because, “I’m nothing without the people I work with - the nurses, the support people and the patients. I’m not better than anyone.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Jiles, call 830-282-6020