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Val Verde Regional Medical Center acquires new endoscopy equipment

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hospital news

VVRMC recently purchased state-of-the-art Olympus endoscopy equipment. An endoscopy is a visual exam of the inside of a body using a flexible tube or rigid scope with a video camera and light on the end. Endoscopies are useful in diagnosing various issues in the digestive tract and can also be used to do surgeries. The endoscope is generally inserted through a natural body cavity or very small surgical incision, so it is considered minimally invasive. High quality equipment will help VVRMC surgeons perform procedures in less time and with greater trust and satisfaction for both the physician and the patient. VVRMC is building on their already sound foundation which has included recent updates and new state-of-the-art medical equipment throughout various departments.

All endoscopic specialties will be converted to the new equipment. This means all endoscopy equipment systems will be integrated. Instead of multiple systems, made by different manufacturers, everything will be the same. Olympus is the first and only video manufacturer that has developed a technology that unifies all surgical endoscopy video procedural requirements into one video system. This makes it much easier to set up and use.

There are several advantages to this video technology. User's only have to learn one system. Regardless of any given surgical procedure or GI endoscopy procedure, the video equipment setup is essentially the same. This means a quicker procedural turn around and greater physician and patient satisfaction. The single system Olympus video towers complement one another, giving equipment cross coverage. Should any one tower be down for temporary repair, another can easily fill in.

VVRMC Surgical Director Mary Sartor said, "This equipment is very beneficial for everyone in the community. We are offering state-of-the-art, high tech equipment which will make endoscopic procedures more efficient and precise."