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VVRMC Surgical Techs Have a Heart

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hospital news

National Surgical Technologist Week is September 16 through the 22nd. Val Verde Regional Medical Center has a great team of Surgical Technologists who “have a heart” which is this year’s theme.

A Surgical Technologist receives specialized training and certification on setting up an operating room for specific surgeries, creating and maintaining a sterile field and assisting surgeons by handing them the tools they require during surgery. “It is an exciting field to be in,” says Jennifer Jaramillo, one of five certified Surgical Technicians (CST) at VVRMC, “We get to see people from the inside. It is wild and exciting to be able to help fix them.”

The Surgical Technologist program requires either one or two years of intensive education. The certification test is grueling. Being a Surgical Technologist requires the ability to remain calm no matter what happens, intense attention to detail, the ability to work as a team and an interest in anatomy- close up and personal.

“The patients don’t know we are there,” says Kim Quon, CST, “but I love knowing we have an impact on improving their health.” The set-up for surgery is an essential component of successful outcomes. Surgeons need some tools specific to the surgery they are to perform. “I love getting the OR all prepared and setting up the table with everything looking pretty,” says Yuri Gonzalez, CST, “I love getting in there and helping the surgeon get the very best outcome.”

VVRMC’s Surgical Technologist team is proud of the work they do. Each one of them has a genuine desire to support people’s health. Although they are all young, they know they are making a huge positive impact on patients’ lives. “We support the OR and our patients as a team,” says Amanda McCoy, CST. Mary Sartor, Surgical Director, is obviously proud of this team. “We have gone from one certified surgical tech to five. Their education and dedication has boosted the whole department.”

Surgical Technologists at VVRMC do have a heart. As Jennifer Jaramillo says, “What’s not to love?”

Pictured are: Miguel Vigil, CST/CFA, Yuri Gonzalez, CST, Jennifer Jaramillo, CST, Kim Quon, CST and Amanda McCoy, CST. Not pictured: Kayla Bruno, ST