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Ruben Resendez highly satisfied with VVRMC

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Community news

Ruben Resendez loves golf and bowling. He is an active man. When he retired from the Department of Defense, he took a job as an aircraft technology instructor at the high school. Between his work and his sports, he was a very busy, active man. In May of 2016 he had a stroke. He ended up with serious paralysis on his left side and severe difficulty with speech. Going from being involved in living his life to recovering from a stroke was not easy for him. "My self-esteem suffered," says Resendez.

He came to The Institute for Therapeutic Medicine at Val Verde Regional Medical Center for rehabilitative services: physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. "The staff are a great asset to the hospital and the community," he says, "They truly care about me."

After spending many months working with Speech Language Pathologists Erin Meinecke and Christine Aguilar, Occupational Therapist Art Mendiola and Physical Therapy Assistant Adrian Vargas; Mr. Resendez is back on the golf course and a regular in the bowling alley.

"I can’t thank the hospital enough for the help, training and care I received," he says, "I never felt like a patient. I felt like part of the family." He is especially grateful for Speech Language Pathologist Erin Meinecke, "She wanted to know me," says Mr. Resendez, "she wanted to know about my history, my culture and my life. She was interested in me as a person and not just as a patient."

Although Mr. Resendez still has some issues with his left arm he is speaking clearly, completely mobile and once again an active member of our community. "I struggle a little," he says, "but I have made and will continue to make great improvements. I would recommend this staff of caring professionals to anyone. I believe they are God sent."

Val Verde Regional Medical Center offers a high quality of care. Employees are consistent in their dedication to patients and empowered to provide the very best compassionate care possible with every interaction, every day.