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Performance Improvement Department

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

VVRMC Performance Improvement Department

The Performance Improvement Department provides support for compliance with all regulatory agencies including CMS (Medicare/Medicaid), Department of State Health Services, State of Texas and others. Hospitals are highly regulated organizations. There are a multitude of agencies which certify and regulate different departments in the hospital as well as the facility as a whole to be sure certain safety and health criteria are met. If criteria are not met at a high level, hospitals can be shut down. The Performance Improvement Department (while it may not provide direct service to the public) is crucial to keeping VVRMC a safe, healthy facility with high quality, trained staff and equipment.

There are a multitude of regulations and reporting requirements for a hospital all designed to keep you safe and provide you with outstanding services. The Performance Improvement Department is responsible for tracking compliance with the various requirements and providing support for all audits, surveys and inspections. They also provide individual performance data to physicians, departments and hospital wide to help point out any area in need of improvement. They help VVRMC stay on point with our continual updates and improvements to better serve the community.