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New Spiritual Care Coordinator

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Hospital news

VVRMC welcomes Lindsey Ward as our new Spiritual Care Coordinator. Lindsey was raised in Texas and is a pastor. He has also served as a jail chaplain and a youth pastor. His work with youth also gave him experience in crises – especially suicide prevention. He definitely has the background and the personality to offer comfort and spiritual support to people in times of crisis and vulnerability. He served as a Volunteer Chaplain at VVRMC prior to accepting his new position. “

Lindsey retired at 48 from the RV business for 20 years. His perception of “RVers” who are largely retired makes him a great person to coordinate the volunteer chaplains. “I understand retirement,” he said, “A lot of people end up working in some way.”

Marvin Wood was the one who recruited Lindsey to be a volunteer. He feels divine providence got him to Del Rio and that he is absolutely meant to be serving here. His wife of 6 years is the reason he settled in Del Rio on San Felipe Creek. They have four grown children between them and two beloved grandkids.