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Lab Receives Praise 8/1/2019

Hospital news | Thursday, August 1, 2019

Outstanding Efforts by VVRMC Lab Staff

Recently, Linda Walker, CEO of VVRMC received a letter from a grateful parent. This parent recognized the outstanding work and high level of customer service provided by Maricela Calvetti, Lab Operations Manager and Katrina Bernal, Phlebotomist. Here is what the parent had to say (some changes have been made to protect the identity of this family as per their request).

Our child has autism and many of the social interactions that others take for granted are often difficult for them and that makes for a difficult and challenging experience for us as a family. Our child’s physician requested bloodwork be done and your facility is the only one in the area where we could go get the blood draw completed. We put off the visit for several months because we dreaded how difficult the experience would be. Our child cannot tolerate sitting and waiting, even that is made worse when in large groups, so our stress extended well beyond the discomfort of the actual blood draw.

I contacted Maricela in June and explained the situation. She was very reassuring and told me that her and her team have experience with children like ours and offered to do whatever they could to make the visit easier. Though it may seem trivial, her offer to allow us to come in at an ideal time, to pre-register, and to have her team waiting and ready for us made the entire experience exponentially better.

When we arrived at the hospital, Katrina met us at the lobby door, greeted our child, walked us to the lab, and quickly got things started. Within a couple minutes, the blood draw was completed. She was calm, quiet, and professional with our child and that made all the difference. After the draw, she offered some toys which quickly relieved any anxiety and our child was as calm as normal.

I want to recognize the phlebotomy staff for their outstanding efforts to help us and make this experience better. Also, I want to make sure that you and the executive team know that giving teams like this the flexibility to tailor care, and accommodate the unique patient needs, is an invaluable asset to you and the hospital. Allowing great people the flexibility to do great work makes your entire organization better.

VVRMC employees strive to make every patient interaction remarkable. We are all proud knowing we are sometimes recognized for what we do every day to achieve this. Great job Maricela and Katrina!