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VVRMC's Auxiliary Purchases Second Vent for EMS

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Hospital news

VVRMC’s Auxiliary does a lot of great things for the hospital and our community. First, they make the best popcorn in Del Rio. If you don’t believe me, stop by the main lobby and buy a bag. Second, they have an incredible gift shop with a variety of items you won’t find anywhere else. What do they do with the funds raised from sales? They provide VVRMC departments with their “wish list” items. Everything purchased by the VVRMC Auxiliary has to be directly connected to patient care. Every year they spend thousands of the dollars on these items. They also use the funds they raise to provide scholarships to graduating seniors from Del Rio High School.

This year, one of the wish list items purchased was a second ventilator for Emergency Medical Services. This ventilator has full capabilities to take over breathing for a patient requiring this type of support. It makes it possible to transport these patients (if they require transportation) to another facility. The VVRMC Auxiliary purchased the first vent last year. It was used over 40 times. This means 40 patients the EMS crew could not have taken before.

Why the need for a second $5150.00 vent? If the first vent is in use, having a second vent means if another request comes, EMS can provide the needed support. Additionally, if there should be a devastating power outage in the hospital and a ventilator is needed for a patient, it can be loaned to the Intensive Care Unit.

VVRMC’s Auxiliary has helped EMS provide services to the community with these vents. Previously, patients on vents had to be flown or had to wait for a specialized ambulance to come from outside San Antonio to transport them. Now, EMS can get patients definitive care more quickly. EMS would like to offer their sincerest thanks to VVRMC’s Auxiliary for their support of emergency services and our community.