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Bone Density Equipment

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

PHOTO CAPTION: Pictured are Jillian Mata and Julia Alfaro with Val Verde Regional Medical Center’s GE Lunar Bone Densitometer.

Title: Val Verde Regional Medical Center Gets State of the art Bone Density Machine

As Val Verde Regional Medical Center works to strengthen their foundation and provide the community and local physicians with the latest diagnostic tools, they have very recently installed a GE Lunar Bone Densitometer. “This is the Cadillac of bone density machines,” said Radiology Director Pina Calderon, “It has the software and capabilities to provide as many services as possible to our patients.”

The densitometer measures bone density in both adults and children and can also provide an extremely accurate reading of Body Mass Index (BMI) which measures the fat to muscle composition in the human body. Athletes and bariatric patients can both benefit from the accuracy of these readings. Bone density studies in adults are generally ordered for women along with their mammograms and are especially important during menopause to check for osteoporosis.

Not only does the machine read bone densities and BMI but it can also provide information to physicians on replacement joints. It can show exactly how the replacements are doing in the body, where they are positioned and how well the healing process is progressing.

Currently, two of VVRMC’s Radiology Technicians have been extensively trained in the use of the equipment. Jillian Mata and Julia Alfaro are both excited about the opportunities the new bone densitometer offers and are ready for patients. “We are here to provide the community with services they can trust,” said Calderon. Please call 830-282-0088 for more information.