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Collaboration brings about "Friendship Through the Arts"

Monday, July 3, 2017

Adrian Falcón, local artist, architect and teacher, has a dream. He wants to foster, promote and develop the arts among Mexican children and young people and create an international platform for a globalized art community which values culture, diversity, collaborative work, solidarity and preservation of the environment. In 2015, he established the Centro de Arte Falcón as a not-for-profit. The Art Center is located in Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo, Mexico. Since its inception it has created nine art projects while serving 201 children between the ages of seven and seventeen from the Otomi indigenous group in the Mezquital Valley. Artists from other countries have come to work with these economically under privileged young people and this summer, the next step takes place.

With the assistance of the Consulado de Mexico in Del Rio and support from Val Verde Regional Medical Center, Mr. Falcón will be bringing seven children from Ixmiquilpan to Del Rio for two weeks. During these two weeks, the youngsters will join a group of seven local children to create both cultural understanding and a portable art mural. Fourteen, three by three, panels will be created to make a large traveling mural. "The children will work together, they will bond and form friendships, and they will communicate through art with peace and friendship. The end result will be a celebration of cultural diversity and the importance of acceptance," said Falcón. The seven children coming from Mexico have never been out of their state of Hidalgo. The experience will be a unique one for them and will help them build self-esteem and leadership skills—both attributes the Centro de Arte Falcón nurtures in the children who participate in their programs. The benefits to both these children and the local children they will be working with are immeasurable.

Val Verde Regional Medical Center became involved last year when they were searching for meaningful art to decorate the new Pediatric Clinic. "We wanted something that expressed the diversity of the culture in Del Rio. When we saw the art created by these indigenous children from Ixmiquilpan, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for," said Chief Executive Officer Xochy Hurtado. The medical center purchased the works created by the children and they now hang proudly in the Pediatric Clinic for all children to enjoy. "We want to support Mr. Falcón, the children and the exchange of cultures"” Nirce A. Gomez Hernandez of the Consulado de Mexico added, "This exchange will be fruitful and relevant for both groups."