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Sterile Processing Technician




Surgical Services


Full Time


Days and call rotation


Minimum Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED, and one year of experience with sterile cleaning in a medical office, hospital or other related field.

Job Summary: Responsible for the processing and sterilization of supplies, equipment and instruments used by the operating room, following established infection control practices. Prepares case carts for the next day’s surgery schedule; prepares case carts for emergency surgeries. Delivers equipment/instruments/supplies to the operating room as needed. Participates in the department’s performance improvement activities.

Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas:

  • Processes and sterilizes all instruments and supplies returned to Central Supply from the operating room.
  • Knowledgeable regarding handling and care of instruments, tray preparation and special procedure items.
  • Inspects instruments and equipment for proper functioning, missing parts, items in need of repair. Performs general maintenance of equipment and instruments.
  • Isolates equipment and instruments in need of repair and reports those findings to the Central Supply Manager.
  • Performs tray assemblage, proper packaging and preparation of all applicable supplies for sterilization. Monitors sterility dates on supplies.
  • Uses knowledge of sterilization principles to correctly wrap or package items for sterilization.
  • Properly loads, operates and cleans all sterilizers, gas and steam, and all general equipment using biological and chemical control tests as required by department.
  • Ensures proper operation of autoclave units prior to use on a daily basis.
  • Runs biological and chemical tests at beginning of the day shift. Records results in appropriate log.
  • Inspects gas and steam autoclaves for visible signs of malfunction and reports to Central Supply Manager.
  • Processes all items appropriately using either ethylene oxide or steam sterilization.
  • Maintains appropriate spore testing on routine basis and documents results as required.
  • Prepares case carts for the next day’s surgery schedule, following the surgeon’s preference cards. Notes on case cart if an item is missing.
  • Prepares case cart for emergency surgeries.
  • Delivers equipment/supplies/instruments to the operating room as requested.
  • Assists with processing department supply charges and any other clerical work related to the Central Supply, as requested.
  • Performs general cleaning of department surface areas, racks, shelves, storage cabinets and all storage area.
  • Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.
  • Maintains inventory of Central Services supplies for the operating room; reorders as necessary.
  • Demonstrates an ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful situations.