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Interventional Radiology Nurse






Full Time


Full Time


Minimum Qualifications to Apply: Graduate from an accredited RN program and licensed RN in the State of Texas or other compact State.

Job Summary: Provides direct and indirect patient care in the Imaging Services Department. Communicates with physicians about changes in patient’s clinical condition including hemodynamic monitoring and symptomatology. Is able to respond quickly and accurately to changes in the patient's condition. Additionally, is able to perform general nursing duties in all departments with adequate supervision. Participates in performance improvement and CQI activities.

  • Knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on age of the patient and their clinical condition.
  • Follows the five medication rights and reduces the potential for medication errors.
  • Ability to monitor hemodynamic status of patient and correctly interpret the results.
  • Ability to perform a head-to-toe assessment on all patients and reassessments as per policy. This includes neonate, pediatric, adolescent, geriatric and the general patient population.
  • Ability to adequately assess and reassess pain. Utilizes appropriate pain management techniques. Educates the patient and family regarding pain management.
  • Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.
  • Ability to formulate an individualized plan of care, revise plan as indicated by the patient’s response to a radiographic procedure and evaluate overall plan for effectiveness.
  • Formulates a teaching plan based upon identified learning needs and evaluates effectiveness of learning, family is included in teaching as appropriate.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of cardiac monitoring, identifies dysrhythmias and treats appropriately based upon ACLS protocol.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of fluid and electrolyte management.
  • Communicates appropriately and clearly to the nurse in charge of the patient, coworkers and physicians.
  • Consults other departments as appropriate to provide for an interdisciplinary approach to the patient’s needs.
  • Is a resource person for nursing staff and physicians of the facility.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and the skills necessary to provide age appropriate care to the patient population served. Able to interpret data about the patient’s status in order to identify each patient’s age specific needs and provide care needed by the patient group.
  • Performs Other Related Duties as Assigned.
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