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Health Informatics Specialist






Full Time


Minimum Entry Level Qualifications

  1. Experience and/or level of competency:

Prefer 3+ years in a Health care setting with EMR super-user experience.

  1. Academic Preparation:

Minimum of associate degree preferably in health care, IT or Finance.

General Description:

Health informatics specialists works closely with the implementation of technology in a health care setting. He/she is responsible for rounding, training staff and creating educational documents for any systems and procedures, troubleshooting and assisting staff when problems arise. Participates in the planning, implementation, evaluation of regulatory initiatives, on-call duties, downtime and upgrades to Meditech and projects of the Informatics Department.

The main focus of this position will be creating and maintaining forms, supporting financial applications including the collection and analysis of data to build reports.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Leads the implementation of e-Access Project.
  • Primary resource and main person to build facility and departmental specific forms after approval from the forms committee.
  • Works closely with the Forms committee, HIM and department directors when creating or modifying forms including establishing timeline for completion.
  • Analyzes workflow and processes as needed when building forms.
  • Financial applications and Reporting
  • Super-user to Meditech’s financial applications
  • Supports financial departments with troubleshooting issues within their applications.
  • Generates and distributes reports, ensuring they are shared in the most efficient manner with most appropriate available solutions.
  • General
  • Collaborates with cross-functional teams including clinical, technical, business and finance teams in defining project specifications, including functional requirements and information needs.
  • Analyzes, problem solve and find/facilitate resolution(s) for issues related to EHR system and integrated systems.
  • Lead the testing during EMR updates, build changes and when troubleshooting system or end-user errors.
  • Promotes and implement processes during system downtime and upgrades.
  • Assists the Informatics department with duties related to achieving organizational and department specific goals and projects.
  • Manages assigned duties and projects to maintain compliance to Promoting Interoperability program and other regulatory standards affecting the organization.
  • Participates on-call duties.
  • Train, educate, and instruct end- users on features, functionality, operation, and usage of software systems.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Thursday, December 8, 2022

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