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Emergency Department


Full Time


Requirements to Apply: H.S. Diploma or GED. Active LVN license in State of Texas.

General Overview of Position:

Provides direct and indirect patient care services that meet the psycho social, physical and general aspects of care; meets the communication needs of patient and family; provides care that reflects initiative and responsibility indicative of professional expectations, under the supervision of a registered nurse. Maintains regulatory agency requirements, nursing and hospital policies, procedures and standards. Communicates with physicians and team members about changes in patient’s clinical condition, including results of diagnostic studies. Is able to respond quickly and accurately to changes in condition or response to treatment. Additionally, is able to perform general nursing duties in all departments with adequate supervision.

Job Duties:

  1. Manages total care: Collaborates with scheduling personnel to ensure that new and established patients are treated as required by medical and regulatory requirements.. Maintains a complete medical record for all patients treated in clinic. Documents care provided.
  1. Provides direct patient care: Provides care within the scope of practice of the LVN. Gives injections, performs assessments, administers medications, assists with procedures, etc. Monitors, evaluates, documents and reports the effects of care in a timely, clear manner. Immediately reports any adverse reactions to care or medications. Provides for patient safety at all times.
  1. Documents care: Records all messages from patients, physicians and others involved in care; patient encounters, applicable portions of the history & physical examination; prescriptions, and all other patient care related activities. Treats the medical record as a legal and clinical document. Completes and processes incident reports for all unanticipated negative effects of patient care provided.
  1. Collaborates with others: Communicates effectively with RN, MD and other healthcare team members as required. Communicates with referring and/or consulting physician as necessary through phone, fax, etc. Supports clinical decisions by MD, NP and/or RN. Follows directions and orders consistently.
  1. Collects patient care data: Gathers patient data from all related sources including other documents, physical examination, vital signs, inquires of other members of the healthcare team, etc. and documents & presents such data to the attending physician effectively and efficiently allowing time for revisions in the plan of care as necessary.
  1. Assists with procedures: Prepares patient for all procedures including gathering all necessary supplies, drugs, etc. Educates patient on purpose of procedures, expectations of experience, length of procedure, after care, etc. Documents all education in the medical record. Assists with technical portion of procedure. Monitors patient for adverse effects or reactions.
  1. Time & Attendance: Uses time clock effectively. Reports to work on time and prepared for each day. Minimizes unscheduled time off. Plans time off effectively.
  1. Supports clinic: Provides assistance as required to the maintenance and improvement of the physical plant of the clinic.
  1. Performance and Quality Improvement: Consistently participates in improving quality of care, work flow of clinic and improvement of processes and procedures. Attends all meetings related to clinical activities.
  1. Maintains professional demeanor at all times with patients, caregivers, physicians and co-workers.
  1. Participates consistently in Employee Feedback Surveys to improve company employee relations and benefits.
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