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Nurse Tech


Cath Lab/Special Procedures


Cath Lab


Full Time


Minimum Entry Level Qualifications

  1. Experience and/or level of competency: 2-4 years of Surgical Experience preferred
  2. Academic Preparation: HS Diploma and currently enrolled in an RN program.

Job Summary:

Assists Special Procedures staff members with the Cardiac & Interventional Radiology procedures. Assists with the preparations of the procedure room and holding areas.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Transporting patients from pre-op and post-op.
  2. Connecting patients for monitoring vitals and troubleshooting (in recovery holding & procedure room).
  3. Dropping supplies with sterile technique pre-op and peri-op (is able to set up a basic table with sterile technique).
  4. Helping to position patient on the table according to procedure(s) performed.
  5. Function as a 2nd Circulator if needed during a procedure.
  6. Setting up patient data in the MacLab recording system.
  7. Setting up patient data in the Philips Allura Xper system.
  8. Properly uses Cardio Imaging V5.0 (PACS) to record & print patient data.
  9. Setting up proper forms for documentation.
  10. Helps with the turnover of the room to maintain proper workflow.
  11. Properly monitoring inventory PAR level and expiration date (uses the first in/first out system).
  12. Properly uses Paragon: Materials Management to order inventory (and helps with input on the item number to inventory relationship & set-up).
  13. Properly uses Paragon: Statistical Reports and reporting/audit.
  14. Properly uses Paragon: Patient Management for daily charges & data entry.
  15. Properly uses Paragon: Patient Management for CRC Billing.
  16. Properly uses Paragon: Patient Management for audits (data entry errors, charging errors, and Medical Records/Coder issues).
  17. Assists with the logistics of C-Code to inventory and CPT Code to procedure(s) by research, Craneware, and speaking to the Industry Representatives.
  18. Properly uses Paragon: Resource Scheduling for schedule changes and back up entries if needed.
  19. Performs other duties as assigned.