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LVN/Anesthesia Tech






Full Time




Minimum Entry Level Qualifications

  1. Experience and/or level of competency: 1-2 years of experience preferred. Working knowledge of anesthesia equipment. Able to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing. Additional languages helpful and preferred. Basic computer knowledge.
  2. Academic Preparation: LVN and or Certified Anesthesia Technician through the National Certification Examination in Anesthesia Technology. Current BCLS Certification.

Job Summary:

Candidate will be required to identify specific needs of the anesthesia care provider in relation to anesthesia supplies needed prior, during, and after surgical intervention. Candidate must be an excellent multi-tasker and pay attention to detail.

Specific Responsibilities:

Performs a machine check on each anesthesia machine each morning upon arrival in the OR. If a machine does not pass; tech notifies CRNA immediately.

  1. Maintains PAR levels of anesthesia supplies; orders supplies as needed; communicates supply issues to anesthesia personnel. Maintains and organizes anesthesia workroom/storeroom to insure that equipment is easily located.
  2. Reviews the OR schedule for special equipment needs. Communicates with anesthetist regarding any special equipment needed for the surgical case such as pumps, spinal trays, etc., and insures that the equipment is available at the anesthetizing location.
  3. Insures anesthesia carts are stocked. Checks for outdated supplies.
  4. Must be able to start IV’s.
  5. Assists the anesthetist with preparation of anesthesia equipment for induction having laryngoscope, oral airway, tape, etc. available. Helps with turnover of the OR.
  6. Assists the anesthetist with invasive and non-invasive patient procedures including peripheral and/or central intravenous or arterial line placement. Maintains sterility at all times. Assists anesthetist with airway management and regional anesthesia techniques.
  7. May set-up other equipment such as blood warmers, fluid infusers, hypothermia blanket, and transducer for arterial line or central venous pressure. Maintain adequate supply of upper and lower body warmers for Bair Hugger. Ensures that anesthesia vaporizers are filled with the appropriate inhalation agent. Maintains and checks Hot Line Fluid/ Blood Warmers every month and keeps a log.
  8. Responsible for the cleaning and routine maintenance of anesthesia equipment; insures equipment is sent to Biomed for repair, follow up as necessary.
  9. Ensure resuscitative equipment (suction, ambu-bag, & airway) is readily available at all anesthetizing locations prior to the first case of the day. Notify Chief CRNA of malfunctioning or missing equipment.
  10. Checks and resupplies Malignant Hyperthermia Cart, Pediatric Anesthesia Cart, Epidural Cart in OB, and Block cart. Keeps a log for each cart.
  11. Assists anesthetist with peripheral nerve blocks and has required equipment ready and available.
  12. Applies aseptic techniques in daily work assignments. Performs general cleaning of department surface areas, racks, shelves, storage cabinets and all storage areas.
  13. Checks Anesthesia Mailbox every Monday and delivers to Chief CRNA.
  14. Responsible for copying & delivering appropriate records to the billing company or patient account if needed.
  15. Checks and ensures monthly reports are accurate.
  16. Maintains a positive working relationship with the anesthetist being responsive to the needs and requests made by all anesthesia team members.
  17. Performs other duties as assigned.
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