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New moms: Take time for self-care

As a new mom, your first days home from the hospital can be pretty stressful—not to mention exhausting. So along with caring for your little one, try to take some time for your own well-being too.

Welcome home!

5 ways to prioritize your wellness after giving birth

  1. Nap when your baby naps. You both need lots of rest right now.
  2. Ask for help with chores. This isn’t the time to worry about laundry, cooking or cleaning.
  3. Take a walk. Refresh your body and mood while someone you trust watches the baby.
  4. Eat healthy foods. Rebuild your strength with fruits, veggies, whole grains and other healthy choices.
  5. Make time for a postpartum checkup. Your doctor will make sure your recovery is going well.

Sources: March of Dimes; Office on Women's Health.


Your new baby will bring a lot of changes to your life. Curious about the adjustments you might need to make? Learn more and get tips for how to cope.

Reviewed 8/10/2022

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