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801 Bedell Ave.




Val Verde Regional Medical Center's (VVRMC) three general surgeons, Mark Manning, MD; Terry Lindsey, MD; and Lisa Palacheck, MD, provide you with surgical services in a department with consistently high patient satisfaction rates.

VVRMC provides a broad range of minimally invasive procedures. We offer laparoscopic surgery, which reduces pain and hemorrhaging with smaller incisions for a shorter recovery time. Our surgeons and staff are ready to help you through a quick procedure and a speedy recovery.

Our goal is to pursue excellence in patient care and service. Each year, VVRMC surgeons perform thousands of procedures covering a full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient care.

Do you need surgery? Visit to learn more about what our surgeons can provide.



Ira Floyd, MD, and the orthopedic team specialize in orthopedic surgery and dealing with diseases and injuries of the bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments.

They are committed to the education about and diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of conditions relating to general orthopedic care, including osteoporosis evaluation and treatment. The exceptionally talented, experienced and dedicated team at VVRMC enables patients to receive comprehensive, patient-centered orthopedic health care.

Learn more about some of the conditions we treat by visiting



Kenneth Moore, MD, and Vanessa Ortiz-Avalos, NP, at the Urology Clinic, can diagnose and treat numerous urological issues in children and adults of all ages, male and female. Although VVRMC may not offer every urological surgical procedure, the Urology Clinic can provide follow-up care on surgeries you have elsewhere.

Dr. Moore can also perform many minimally invasive procedures—treating common urologic conditions and getting you back to your busy life quickly.

To learn more about what our Urology Clinic can do for you, visit


108 Page St.


Mental health disorders affect how a person thinks, feels, acts and relates to their surroundings and others. Psychiatry concentrates on prevention, treatment, diagnosis and medication services for mental health disorders.

Psychiatric services are available from Linesse Vega, MD, via telemedicine. With telemedicine, you receive live face-to-face services without having to travel out of town.

Learn more about Dr. Vega and mental health services at VVRMC at

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