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All the best for moms and babies

Val Verde Regional Medical Center (VVRMC) is expanding Maternal and Child Services. The goal is to make sure every mom who comes to one of VVRMC's clinics or to the Women's Center gets what she needs to make educated, informed decisions to support her in having a healthy pregnancy. VVRMC offers enhanced perinatal case management, a new OB-GYN physician, prenatal and lactation classes, a virtual tour of what to expect when coming to deliver at VVRMC, and telemedicine consultations with specialists in San Antonio as needed.

Top-notch obstetrics

David Hernandez, MD, is the OB-GYN at the VVRMC Rural Health Clinic. He is an advocate for education for moms. He works closely with the perinatal case manager, who follows patients to make certain they are doing well and have access to local resources like the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program and to help with Medicaid enrollment.

The case manager also offers one-on-one patient education, along with consultations on progress and any concerns the patient may have.

VVRMC also has dedicated pediatric doctors Crystal de la Cerda, MD, and Jose Oviedo Jr., MD, for after the baby is born. Working together, the team provides all the support a mom could need from preconception to post-birth. Each patient is provided personalized support based on their individual needs.

Prenatal classes and more

A community health educator will offer prenatal classes, at first via Zoom, and later, when it is appropriate for everyone's good health, in person. Moms will be able to learn everything they need to know about pregnancy, birth and how to take care of a newborn. It is an interactive educational opportunity led by an expert with the training and life experience to provide useful, helpful information. A lactation consultation will also be offered to present moms with all the information they need to decide if breastfeeding is the best option for them and how to be successful with breastfeeding.

VVRMC also has a virtual tour of the entire door-to-door experience of giving birth at VVRMC. It is available on our website, By taking this virtual tour, moms and their birth partners will get a feel for the entire process and receive a lot of helpful information. Knowing what to expect can ease a lot of birth anxiety.

Support for every pregnancy

One of the goals of VVRMC's expanded maternal/child services is to provide support for higher risk pregnancies via telemedicine. Telemedicine consultations with specialists in San Antonio allow moms to stay at home while receiving care. In this way, higher risk pregnancies can be safely monitored without the need for constant travel.

VVRMC looks forward to supporting you and your healthy baby! For more information, call Erika Oviedo, RN, Perinatal Case Manager, at 830-768-9232.

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