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Coronavirus: What to know about the outbreak

Recognize the symptoms and know what to do.

Published: 01/24/2020

Earthquake safety tips

Planning for an earthquake can help you survive one.

Published: 01/23/2020

Traveler's tip: Check your room for bedbugs

Hotels can be a haven for bedbugs. Learn how to spot them.

Published: 01/22/2020

Walk away arthritis pain

Use this step-by-step walking guide to feel good again.

Published: 01/21/2020

How giving back helps both you and others

Volunteers make a difference in their own lives too.

Published: 01/20/2020

5 sleep habits worth working on this year

Small changes can make a big difference in your sleep.

Published: 01/19/2020

Do you live in a food desert?

There are a number of government programs that can help.

Published: 01/18/2020

7 ways to ease diabetes-related stress

Taming tension can help keep your blood sugar down and your mood up.

Published: 01/17/2020

Tempted to text and drive? Try this tip

This simple habit can put temptation out of reach.

Published: 01/16/2020

4 simple ways to lower your blood pressure

Learn how to reduce your risk of stroke, heart attack and other big health threats.

Published: 01/15/2020

What are kidney stones?

Learn how they form and how you can prevent them.

Published: 01/14/2020

Kids and emergencies: When to call 911

Plus, steps you can take to be prepared to help.

Published: 01/13/2020

Pet store puppies linked to disease outbreak

Check out these do's and don'ts to avoid dangerous doggie germs.

Published: 01/12/2020

Protect your skin from winter weather

Simple tips for healthy skin when the weather turns cold.

Published: 01/11/2020

5 important facts about cervical cancer

More than 70% of cases are caused by HPV.

Published: 01/10/2020

How to break up with highly processed foods

The less a food is processed, the better.

Published: 01/09/2020

Wake up your wearable's potential

Put your fitness tech to work with these fun challenges.

Published: 01/08/2020

Need to unplug from politics?

6 simple ways to stop stressing out.

Published: 01/07/2020

What to do if you're down with the flu

How to start feeling better—plus, when to see a doctor.

Published: 01/06/2020

Plants as medicine: 6 facts to know before you buy

Take a safety-first approach to plant-based medicines.

Published: 01/05/2020

Permanent hair dye, straighteners: Worth the risk?

Some hair treatments raise breast cancer risk by up to 60%.

Published: 01/04/2020

Ready, Set, PrEP provides free HIV-prevention meds

The program is part of a plan to end the U.S. HIV epidemic.

Published: 01/03/2020

Get your resolutions off the ground

6 tips to help you see more success this year.

Published: 01/02/2020

Trying to drink less? Start tonight

Celebrate the new year alcohol-free with a festive mocktail.

Published: 12/31/2019

Get your bake on—but lay off the raw dough

That quick nibble isn't worth the risk of illness.

Published: 12/30/2019