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Seniors with type 2 diabetes have higher fracture risk

Even if seniors with type 2 diabetes have normal or high bone density, their fracture risk is increased.

Did you know? 5 breast cancer facts

Breast cancer is a disease that should be on every woman's radar. Here are some key facts to know.

Why your drugs need a checkup

The more medicines you take, the greater your risk for harmful interactions.

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Learn pumpkin carving tips and tricks

Pumpkin-carving catastrophes are a fright for plenty of people every Halloween. Follow these safety tips so you won't slip up when slicing Jack.

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Breast cancer assessment

Learn more about the factors that increase your risk for breast cancer.

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Mammograms: Steps to success

Regular screenings can help find breast cancer in its early stages.

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5 steps to clean hands

Keeping your hands clean can help you stay healthy.

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