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Lowering blood pressure may cut risk of mild cognitive impairment

This is the first sign there may be a way to help prevent a well-known risk factor for dementia.

After pre-eclampsia, aspirin may lower midlife stroke risk

The findings are promising, but more research is needed.

When the weather outside is frightful, a salad can be delightful

Even when it's cold out, a salad can still be a good menu option. Find out how to add some fun, healthy flavor to this winter meal.

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Learn the facts about eating disorders

Are you concerned that you or someone you care about may have an eating disorder? Get the facts. Check out our infographic.

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Heart attack risk assessment

Learning your risk factors for heart attack can help you and your doctor make a plan for protecting your health.

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Heart risks you can change

Heart disease is the leading cause of death, but you can take steps to avoid it.

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Women and heart disease

Learn how to lower your risk.

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