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Job Application

As you consider applying for a position, we ask you to take into account the workplace culture. At VVRMC, we observe a common Mission, Vision and Legacy, "MVL", and guide our behaviors using 6 Core Values. When combined, these define our purpose, guide our focus and encourage us to continually build on a foundation started in 1950. So, what is M.V.L.? It’s ME, it’s YOU, and it’s US.

Mission Statement – At VVRMC We live to provide healthcare our community can trust.

Vision Statement – At VVRMC Our vision is to be the premier provider for all healthcare needs.

Legacy Statement – At VVRMC We strengthen our foundation through empowerment.

At VVRMC, Our Core Values define our behaviors an how we go about our work; it is the cost of entry and the standard of expected performance. The Core Values of VVRMC are:

  • Trust – We create trust through our integrity and our intention.
  • Empowerment – We give each other information, direction and authority to make decisions.
  • Quality – We deliver excellence
  • Consistency – We deliver a premier experience to every person, every time.
  • Accountability – We rise above our circumstances to achieve the best possible result.
  • Unity – We promote an environment characterized by open communication, diversity and mutual respect - always

If you are able to embrace "MVL" and the Core Values of VVRMC, please click "I agree" below to proceed to the application. If "MVL" and the Core Values do not align with your with your idea of a great place to work, we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

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