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First class care right here in Val Verde County, Texas

Val Verde Regional Medical Center, (VVRMC), has been part of the history of Val Verde County for over six decades. Val Verde Memorial Hospital, as it was named at the time, first opened its doors in 1959. It originally had fewer than 30 beds.

From the time of its opening, VVRMC has undergone three major renovations and expansions in 1969, 1985 and 2002. In 1996, Val Verde Memorial Hospital was renamed Val Verde Regional Medical Center. VVRMC celebrated 60 years of service in May 2019.

Throughout its many renovations, expansions in services, and continued advancements in knowledge and technology, VVRMC's commitment to serve the community has remained unchanged; there has always been a tradition of caring and of progressing along with medical advancements. It is the primary medical care provider in the area and is a leading healthcare provider among rural hospitals in the state. VVRMC is an integral part of the community and is a frequent participant at community events. VVRMC's 700+ employees spend free time participating in a variety of activities which support the community. As employees, We are the community, We live here. We work here. We raise our families here. It is very important for all of us to pitch in and help where we can.

Helping is what VVRMC is all about. The services offered are comprehensive and top notch. You can find some equipment here that is unavailable even in big cities. VVRMC strives to optimize and continually improve services, quality, technology and cost-effectiveness for every member of our community from the very youngest to the very oldest. VVRMC treats you like family because, let's face it, in a rural community hospital employing over 700 people; you are probably related to someone who works there.