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Val Verde Regional Medical Center Board of Directors

Board agendas




Val Verde Regional Medical Center (VVRMC) is a county facility governed by an elected board of community and business leaders—your neighbors. The Val Verde Hospital District board members are people just like you who have your best interests at heart in their guidance of this regional medical center. VVRMC is proud to be a part of your community and your life. We are committed to serving your healthcare needs in a high-quality manner, right here at home.

  • Tony Sotelo
    Tony Sotelo

  • Raul Alatorre
    Raul Alatorre

  • Daniel Chartrand, MD
    Daniel Chartrand, MD

  • Aurelio Laing, MD
    Aurelio Laing, MD

  • Lee Keenen, MD
    Lee Keenen,DPM

  • Jane Morain
    Jane Morain

  • Mohamad Nawar, MD
    Mohamad Nawar, MD


The Val Verde Hospital District Board is the sole owner of Val Verde Hospital Corporation. Val Verde Hospital Corporation carries on the day-to-day operation of Val Verde Regional Medical Center. Val Verde Hospital Corporation is a Texas nonprofit corporation and is governed by a board of directors appointed by Val Verde Hospital District board. The Val Verde Hospital Corporation Directors of the Board are Tony Sotelo, Raul Alatorre, Daniel Chartrand, Aurelio Laing, Lee Keenen, Val Cadena, Mohamad Nawar, Jane Morain and Sylvia Owens.