Woman and child

Meet the team

Leadership team

Director of Performance Improvement

Shirley Adriance

<empty>Director of Laboratory

Wayne Allen

<empty>Director of Rehabilitation Services

Baldemar Briones

<empty>Director of Radiology

Pina Calderon

<empty>Director of EMS

Ram Castro

<empty>Director of Pharmacy

Irma Chapa

<empty>Director of Plant Operations

Brett Chapman

<empty>Director of ICU and Special Procedures

Falan Durbin

<empty>Risk Manager/Compliance Officer

Kathy Fletcher

<empty>Director of Auxiliary and Patient Liaison

Cookie Gulick

<empty>Director of Patient Financial Services

Bradley Halford

<empty>Director of Hospice

Bonnie Henderson


Maribel Hernadez

<empty>Director of EMS Academy

Susie Jechow

<empty>Sr. Director of Outpatient Services

Adrian Larson

<empty>Director of Materials Management

Frank Loch

<empty>Director of Medical/Surgical

Jackie Lockett

<empty>Director of Bio-Medical Services

Nick Maresh

<empty>Director of Women's Center and Nursery

Michelle K. Mihelich

<empty>Director of Psychiatric Services

Jaime Ortiz

<empty>Director of Emergency Room

Lety Ortiz

<empty>Chief of Security

Rudy Ortiz

<empty>Director of Nursing Education and Informatics

Jureza Parrack

<empty>Director of Community and Hospitality Service

Angela Prather

<empty>Director of Case Management

Priscilla Price

<empty>Director of Human Resources

Leigh Ann Qualia

<empty>Director of Food and Nutrition Services

Lindsey Reimann

<empty>Director of Surgery

Mary Sartor

<empty>Sr. Director of Ancillary Services

Gayla Satterfield

<empty>Director of Pastoral Care

Marvin Wood

<empty>Director of Medical Staff

Gloria Ziegler


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