Meet the team

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Welcome to Val Verde Regional Medical Center's web page. We hope that through the site you are afforded the opportunity to learn about our services and get a sense for what we do and what is important to us before you get to the hospital. For more than 50 years VVRMC has served the residents of Del Rio and its surrounding communities inside and out of Val Verde County as one of the county's most important healthcare resources.

Our top priority is that your clinical outcome is excellent. Whether presenting to VVRMC emergently or electively, for a procedure or for testing, our main objective is to see that you are treated safely and that you have no reservations regarding your care while in our hands. Second only to the clinical outcome is your experience while at VVRMC. We work hard to deliver the care in an environment that is pleasing and in such a way that you never doubt our compassion or dedication to you as a patient.

Health care is a team sport. No one person here at VVRMC is more important than the other. We all play a role in the delivery of your care. We aim to attract high-performing, technically-driven and service-oriented nurses, technicians, physicians and other health care professionals who can work seemlessly to meet your needs.

It is a privlidge and honor to serve as the county's sole-provider full-service, acute care hospital. It is a responsibility that we do not take lightly, and we work hard each day to further instill the confidence of our community. Care to trust. We look forward to serving you.

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